WireWorld Equinox 8 kaiutinkaapelipari, 2,5 m

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WireWorld Equinox 8

High End kaiutinkaapelipari banaaniliittimin vaativaan makuun. Pituus 2,5 metriä. Vaihdettavat Uni-Term liittimet.

Equinox 8 provides amazing value to owners of premium quality AV systems, as it retains the vivid three-dimensional sound of Wireworld’s Eclipse Series and is priced to fit a wide range of quality AV systems. The upgrade to OCC-7N Copper provides greater clarity and wider dynamic contrasts than Oasis 8.
Close your eyes and feel the guitarist’s fingertips sliding along the strings as he prepares to strike a new chord. Hear the vocalist draw a breath before the song begins. With this kind of clarity it’s easy to imagine the concert is being played just for you. Our audibly superior designs and materials clearly disprove the common belief that a heavier gauge is all a cable needs. From a highly flexible in-wall, to objectively engineered reference standards, Wireworld speaker cables will open up your ears to an exciting new listening experience.

Series 8 Upgrades

Series 8 speaker cables have more strand groups than Series 7, which strengthens the electromagnetic field that moves the signal through the cable. These upgrades improve clarity, dynamics, soundstaging and image focus.
Tekniset tiedot:
  • Design: Quad DNA Helix
  • Conductors:   4 (20 strand groups)    Gauge: 11AWG  |  4 sq. mm
  • Conductor material: OCC-7N Copper
  • Insulation: COMPOSILEX 3
  • Plug contacts: Silver-clad Uni-Term



Tuote Huomaa Tila Hinta
WireWorld Oasis 8 kaiutinkaapelipari, 2,5 m WireWorld Oasis 8 kaiutinkaapelipari, 2,5 m
379,00 €
WireWorld Stream 8 kaiutinkaapelipari, 2,5 m WireWorld Stream 8 kaiutinkaapelipari, 2,5 m
129,00 €
WireWorld Uni-Term banaaniliitin 8 kpl setti WireWorld Uni-Term banaaniliitin 8 kpl setti
69,00 € / Settiä
Marantz PM-10 stereovahvistin Marantz PM-10 stereovahvistin
8 999,00 €
Perlisten S4b jalustakaiutin Perlisten S4b jalustakaiutin
7 990,00 € / paria
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